How to Overcome Any Addiction



Many individuals in today’s world seem to be struggling with negative addictions and habits which they just can’t seem to shake off. From my own experience however, I am going to convey unto you however just how simple it actually is to overcome any habit if you believe it is.

Redefining Challenge
First of all let us redefine the concept of challenge in our lives. Many define challenge as a negative thing, and wish they had an easy life, but let me tell you that if there was no form of challenge within your experience, you wouldn’t evolve as a soul, as a consciousness. One could argue that we have incarnated on this plane for the experience of challenge itself, because in the Higher Spheres of reality where the degree of separation from our source in God is less apparent, the challenges we have on this plane simply don’t exist.
If you buy a video game and find that it simply is too easy for example, you would just fly through the game without any tension, without any challenge or conflict, thus the process of completing the game then it would be boring, so too would our lives be boring without any creative conflict or challenges. Or what if you go the movies to watch the latest blockbuster and there was no bad guys, there wouldn’t be action, there would be no suspense or drama, you would probably eventually fall asleep as it would bore you.
“Don’t pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.” –Bruce Lee
Humans naturally find challenge exciting
Challenge is exciting, because it pushes us into more of our true and authentic selves. So, let us first redefine the concept of challenge as a whole. Let me tell you that you are never capable of manifesting a challenge which you are not capable of overcoming. If a challenge has manifested in your physical reality experience then that means God has also equipped you with the tools that are needed to overcome it.
Redefine life as a play, a movie, a drama
People take their lives far too seriously! And of course there are moments in life when we do have to be serious, don’t get me wrong, but people are so hard on themselves and take themselves way too seriously. People are usually quick to beat themselves up whenever they make a mistake, or they relapse back into an addiction, but let me tell you that nothing ever goes away in your life until it has taught you everything that it needs to.
The ancients would define life as a play, Shakespeare did as well and this is because whenever you have a playful and childlike attitude towards life, you are more capable of making the changes you so desire, because seriousness is inertia, it makes everything in your life solid, inert and thus unchangeable.
“The biggest step towards enlightenment is to lighten up on yourselves.” –Bashar
“Unless ye be converted as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” –Jesus Christ
Jesus was constantly telling those around him to lighten up and be like children, why is this? It is because children never worry about the future, they never dwell on the past, they just deal with what they have been given by their Higher Selves in the present moment, and this is the key. It is in the fires of the present moment that one burns away their attachment to the past.
Following your Joy is the Key to achieving your Destiny
We are all different, we are all unique and we have all been given certain talents and passions by the universe, so that we may express them to help those who are around us in our society on a daily basis, me writing this blog is an example of this. What do you truly love to do? Make sure you answer this question honestly because your true passion and joy will never be fear-based! Your drug and booze addictions for example are not a part of your joy, they only seem like it because your motivations have been twisted by negative beliefs that are in your unconscious mind.
The triune connection; Beliefs-Motivations-Behaviour/Desires
In this physical reality, our belief systems are its building blocks. We always experience that which we believe to be most true about ourselves and the world around us. In many law of attraction works they say your thoughts create reality but this isn’t necessarily true, it is your belief systems that create reality as your thoughts and feelings are a reflection of the templates or beliefs in your unconscious mind.
Notice the label, ‘unconscious’, what does this truly mean? You may be consciously aware of some of the belief systems you hold to be true, but the majority of your belief systems are unconscious, which means you don’t even realize that you are buying into them. You have many belief systems hijacking your windows of perceptions that you are not even aware of, and this is the main reason why you are struggling with the addictions you find yourself with, but no more I am going to show you how to free yourself; if you truly desire to.
During our infantile years, especially before the age of seven years old our brains are resemble the sponge, as they are extremely receptive to the environment it is brought up in. It literally soaks up all the external information it can, and this is nature’s way of enabling the youngster to fit into the society they were born into. This isn’t a bad thing, it is neutral just like everything else, the issue however is that many individuals were raised by parents who don’t love themselves, or they were friends with kids who had parents who didn’t either. We have been programmed by those in our society and moulded into who we find ourselves today.
Our motivations are always generated by what we believe to be true, because we always without question feel motivated to go in the direction that we believe will serve us the best. But if you have negative or disempowering belief systems in your unconscious mind then you will be geared to behave in ways that are negative, thus the addictions you have. You desires won’t be your own, they will belong to other people, and if you are chasing desires that are born from the beliefs of others, you are quite simply living a lie.

Question your belief systems and motivations
Your feelings are a reflection of what you believe to be true, so, if you feel fear and negative emotion then you have negative beliefs in the unconscious which are generating those emotions. It’s time to bring the unconscious mind into conscious awareness so you can transform the negative beliefs that have been unconsciously controlling your perception.
When you find yourself feeling fear simply ask yourself;
“In order to feel the way I do, what must I believe is true?”
It’s important for one to work with the negative feelings. Be curious and go into them, ask yourself the question and see what negative beliefs come out. Write them down on paper, and then in different colour pen, write the belief you prefer instead. It’s important to write them down because it is easy to forget. The process of changing a belief may take a while, but it will be accelerated by the technique I am about to share with you at the end of this blog.
Changing your beliefs will automatically change your motivations and then your behaviour will follow. It will become more effortless and easier the longer the process goes on, be patient and trust in your process my friends.
This process of identifying negative beliefs, changing them and letting them go is a true alchemical process. It will transform the negative energy within you into light; it will free your mind from the shackles of society and enable you to create the life your soul truly desires!
This process is a game. You are playing hide and seek with yourself, so enjoy the process of self-discovery because most people on this planet define it as negative. Challenge is divine and so is this process, because once you go beyond the cobwebs of your past, ye shall behold your true self standing there with open arms waiting to embrace you.
Drop the victim mentality
Now, it isn’t about playing the victim here, you chose the society you were to be born into on a soul level. As a result of this you also chose all the challenges you will experience on this level of reality. If you are capable of seeing and keeping an eye on the bigger picture of things it would help you tremendously. I am completely against a victim mentality, because quite frankly everything we have and will experience is the result of what we have been putting out into the universe via our beliefs, feelings and thoughts. You are responsible, and its fine that you have made mistakes, because you were simply creating on an unconscious level, it is time to become more conscious of what’s in alignment with your perception so you can begin to create the kind of experience you so desire.
Feeling is the secret!
The realm of emotion is the key to rewiring your subconscious and unconscious levels of mind. Feeling is the domain of the subconscious; it is the conduit between thought and belief, and for a very specific reason.
“Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.” –Bashar
It is important not to focus so much on destroying the old, but in building the new, as building the new simultaneously destroys the old. What do I mean? If you are feeling appreciation, joy and love as much as you can then you are literally untangling the nerve cells in the brain are connected with self-hate, worthlessness etc.
“Nerve cells that no longer fire together no longer wire together.”
In modern neuroscience this is called “Neuroplasticity”. It is when you are too focused on the new that the old simply falls apart. I would suggest that you try and feel as much gratitude and appreciation as you can. Because the only reason people are depressed in my opinion is that they are taking so many things around them for granted. It is the simple things in life which make life worth living and if one takes them for granted they are most likely going to be miserable. Start slow, simple and live in appreciation as much as you can.
“Chance or accident is not responsible for the things that happen to you, nor is predestined fate the author of your fortune or misfortune. Your subconscious impressions determine the conditions of your world. The subconscious is not selective; it is impersonal and no respecter of persons. The subconscious is not concerned with the truth or falsity of your feeling. It always accepts as true that which you feel to be true. Feeling is the assent of the subconscious to the truth of that which is declared to be true. Because of this quality of the subconscious there is nothing impossible to man. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and feel as true, the subconscious can and must objectify. Your feelings create the pattern from which your world is fashioned, and a change of feeling is a change of pattern.” -Neville Goddard
Feeling rewires the subconscious, because to have faith is to believe and to believe is to feel, thus if you are changing your feelings you are changing your belief systems and redirecting the play of your life.
And last but not least, the technique to free yourself!
When you go to bed, lay flat on your back, and be extremely still. Do not move even a finger or toe, get really comfortable and stay as still as you possibly can with your eyes closed. Focus on your breathing for a moment or two just to centre your awareness in the present moment. Now, using your imagination can you imagine how it would feel to be the person you desire to be?
Can you imagine how it would feel to be free of the drug addiction? Can you imagine how it would feel to be perfectly healthy and well? Can you imagine how it would feel to be free of stress? Can you imagine how it would feel to fully accept yourself as you are?
I myself overcome a nine year drug and alcohol binge, this is not hearsay, I am speaking from actual experience. What I need you to do is use your imagination in a creative way here. Use a friend as a frame of reference so for example; Imagine your friend as you lay there with your eyes closed, being completely still, imagine him or her standing directly in front of you, congratulating you for overcoming the addiction, feel how it would feel to have a loving conversation about your victory over the addiction with them. Feel how it would feel to hug and embrace them as you do it, imagine them shaking your hand, squeezing you tight, breathing heavily and saying “Thank God you did it!”
“An assumption though false, if persisted in will harden into fact.” –Neville Goddard
After you do this, lay there in that champion state of being. Fall asleep in the feelings of victory! Lay in the assumption that you are already healed and free, because in truth you are. If you can imagine how it would feel and how you would think and act in such a state it must exist somewhere because you are incapable of imagining nonexistence. I want you to do this every night until you are free.
Consistency and the will to be free is the key. Once you keep doing this, those people who influence you in ways to perpetuate your addictions may fall away at the way side but what does it matter? You will begin to meet friends who reflect your free state and not your victim mentality.
Self-Love is the cure for all. Question your beliefs to see if you believe things which are preventing you from fully loving and accepting yourself as you are, because none of us are perfect or without error. It’s time to learn from our mistakes consciously however and not continue to run around in circles in our own self create maze of misery.
If you would like to read my testimony for overcoming my own addictions feel free to read it here;
There are also countless more blogs on this website that are similar to this in nature; I suggest you check them out if you found this helpful
If you have any questions or seek some personal help, feel free to email me at;
Believe you are free, and you are. It is that simple, I love you all.
God Bless
-Craig Krishna


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