The Dualistic Nature of Physical Reality

In this physical reality, as we impose the illusion of separation from the infinite over our consciousness, everything seems to be fragmented. Duality is the nature of physical reality because in order for us to discover who we truly are, we need a reflection that shows us that which we are not, and so the cosmic drama is born to give us the opportunity of either choosing our joy or our fear….

We are either expressing our divine nature or we are not, there is no go between. You are either being true to yourself or you are not, it is that simple. Jesus Christ once said in the gospel that one cannot serve two masters and he was referring to this, but in order to attain the state of being Jesus resided in one has to go beyond these illusions to see them for what they truly are.

Contrast is the best way to define the negative side of life, like I said before many times people on this planet need a clear example of what they are not in order for them to discover more clearly that which they are. Let’s say for example you have been constantly living in a state of anxiety for a while and eventually you decide that you no longer what to experience these feelings. So you finally muster up the courage to consciously decide to be happy, well if it wasn’t for the contrast of the anxiety that you had previously experienced, you wouldn’t have been pushed or determined to choose that which you do prefer to feel.

We, as a society really do need to let go of many of the old middle aged mind-set’s of good and evil, right and wrong, good and bad and so on and so forth. We are moving into an age of metaphysics and complete inter-connectedness making itself a tangible reality not only through the technology advancements such as the internet, but also through the connections awakened souls are making to one another all across the globe.


Darkness is a necessary component to our existence here on earth. It is in the darkness that we discover who we truly are, like I said before we have imposed this limitation and illusion over our consciousness for a very specific reason, so to invalidate it and resist this self-imposed darkness will only create inner turmoil, it is important for us to work with it and not against it.

“But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”-Matthew 5:39

When one resists something, it becomes stronger, as you are giving it undue energy. In other words, let’s say for example that you are having thoughts that you know simply aren’t your own, thoughts that originate from core beliefs that have been anchored in your unconscious mind for decades that simply arise every now and then. Most of our thoughts are the same thoughts we had the day before, they are automatic or involuntary thought process that stem from our previous experiences. Most of them aren’t even relevant to who you are today, they just keep coming because you keep unconsciously allowing them to define you.

You need to recognize where these thoughts are coming from and why you are having them. That is where witnessing the workings of the mind comes in to play. In order to become familiar with the conditioned mind, in order to see the countless plethora of tricks it has contained within itself, you must watch it with awareness as much as you can. The more you become aware of the contrast without invalidating it, or trying to push it away then the more consciously you can choose to express your authentic and divine self.

“But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”  -Matthew 5:44

Obviously this verse can be interpreted in countless ways, but one of my favorite ways of looking at this verse is to refer it to our own inner world and the workings of the mind. Love the negative thoughts, and bless those thoughts that try and curse you, do good unto them thoughts that go against your own self-worth and self-love and it’s those thoughts that are the oceanic tests that we must cross In order to become truly unshaken and undefined by the external world. Bless them all by welcoming them into your mind, you don’t need to believe in them or allow them to define you, just know they are simply the contrast that you need in order to more consciously choose the light, it is that simple. Work with it not against it, do not make them your enemies, they are your friends pointing you to aspects of yourself that you have not yet fully accepted or decided to love as of yet!

To resist not evil is to allow the contrast to be, as it is simply the darkness that surrounds the flame of your being, without it, how can you see it shine at its brightest, or to its full potential? We need that contrast, so do not resist it, because the more you resist it then the longer it will surround you. You are always given a choice to express the darkness and you are always given the opportunity to express the light, no matter how enlightened or awakened you become. This is the true meaning of the Yin Yang symbol as each side always contains a portion of the opposite within itself…


The dual nature of reality is also expressed within every expression of creation. Everything has a good side and a bad side to it. Everything can be used in a positive way and a negative way. Water for example is the element that is needed to support life on earth, and our physical bodies are made up of over 90% water, it also surrounds ¾ of the earth and supplies countless nourishment to all life upon it, yet at the same time it has killed countless people through floods and tsunamis. The Holy Bible is another example of it, the Bible has been an inspiration for centuries to sincere spiritual aspirants throughout the ages, yet one could argue that this text and a few others have been one of the main causes of all the religious wars that we have seen in the world. People misinterpret the religious texts and create traditions that are not founded on the truth of a person’s own individual realizations but from just following the experiences of others blindly, thus dogma is born! The Bible is a neutral text regardless of what it says, it just depends on how it is used, and that is my point here, it is never the what but the how that counts….

How we look at anything determines the effect we get from it and it’s that simple. All circumstances are inherently neutral until we assign a label unto it. This is why it is important for people to always see the positive in every situation. Even challenges can be approached in this way. Challenge doesn’t have to defined as a negative thing whatsoever. It is only through challenges that we grow and discover more of whom and what we truly are.

The same situation could manifest twice and if you define it negatively then you would have an uncomfortable time with it as you are in resistance to what is, but if the same circumstance manifested again and you accepted it and worked with what it is reflecting back unto you then you would see the lesson within it, learn from it and consciously define it as a positive experience.


“O Son of Kunti, the ideas of heat and cold, pleasure and pain, are produced by the contracts of the senses with their objects. Such ideas are limited by a beginning and an end. They are transitory, O Descendent of Bharata; bear them with patience!” –The Bhagavad Gita 2:14

Your true self is non-dual and always has been, but while in this cosmic drama of a physical reality, your physical self, the mortal confines of flesh and blood that your consciousness has spawned, has to abide by natures pairs of opposites. What Krishna is saying here in the Gita is simply not to allow the cosmic drama to define the core of your being. The soul is beyond it all, yet the ego is off the world and when the physical garment has been shed, then back unto the earth shall it return. Everything in this world is transitory in nature, yet the soul is eternal, to unconsciously allow the transitory nature of the world to define your soul is what constitutes the negative or conditioned ego consciousness.

So, always keep an eye on how you are doing something, how you are using something and how you are looking at anything in your reality, whether it be an item, a circumstance, a tool or even a person, the how always determines the effect you get out of it, I cannot emphasize this enough. God has given you free will in life and this is it, sometimes you may not have control over the circumstances that manifest from the egoic level of consciousness but from that level you always get to decide on whether to look at it as a hindrance or something beneficial to your spiritual development. The choice is yours.

God Bless You

-Craig Krishna


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