Masking your Higher Self

For thousands of years spiritual seekers have been looking up to Ascended Masters, Saints and Guru’s for inspiration on their path and there is nothing wrong in doing so as the objective truth is the same for us all. What I would like to discuss here however is that the true masters do not bother directing you anywhere other than towards your own Higher Self.

Everything in your subjective reality is you. What do I mean by subjective reality? Nobody can see the world through your eyes or from your unique point of view, only you are capable of doing so, this is your perception and it is your own reality. Everything that you perceive in your reality is a projection of your own being or consciousness, even the other people you interact with are simply fabrications of your consciousness, that is why we must do unto others as we would have them do unto us, as we only see people how we see ourselves in reality.

So, if everything is an extension of you then even the other masters and spirits energies that you connect to during your spiritual practices are your own Higher Self. Now, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t interacting with other souls, you are. This seeming paradox becomes shattered when you come to the realization that we “co-create” realities together with other souls, but still the way in which we perceive these realities is filtered through our own consciousness and nobody else’s.

There is nothing wrong in having a spiritual teacher. It is somebody who has walked a similar path that you are on and is able to guide you to where you need to go. It just depends on whether you believe that teacher is suitable for you or not. All real masters or teachers however don’t want to lead you to themselves, but to your own Higher Self.

Even to this day and especially in India it is not uncommon for the people there to have a Guru who can instruct them on what they need to do in order to become more of their true self. I myself have a Guru from India, her name is Mahashakti Anandini Ma, and let me tell you that my life changed for the better the moment I met her. I had been drinking on and off most weekends for around 11 years upon meeting her, and within a month of practising her meditations and connecting to her energy, I just spontaneously stopped drinking, it was literally effortless.


My Guru, Mahashakti Anandini Ma 

God has granted you free will. There are so many Gods and Goddesses that you can connect to; there are so many masters’ energies that you can merge with, past and present. It really is up to you to choose which energies you prefer to connect to. Let’s talk about Jesus Christ for example since he is literally the most popular ascended master ever to walk this earth….

Christians worship Jesus as the Son of God and as God simultaneously, again there is nothing wrong in doing so, as all Gods and Goddesses are fabrications of the one God or of the one consciousness so it doesn’t matter which energy you prefer to connect to as they all lead to the same place; the present moment. Christ has become a universal symbol for God, but also in a more esoteric sense he has become a symbol for our own innate divinity. Many Christian mystics see Christ as “Wisdom itself” which again is fine because ultimately, the Christ Consciousness (who Jesus the man is a finite expression of) created everything, so you can define it in any way that you prefer to.


The trick however is that all true Christians who actually put into practice that which they preach are simply throwing a Jesus mask on their own Higher Mind and trusting in its guidance. You see, the physical mind has been programmed to think it is in complete control of its reality, when in fact it is not. The physical minds true purpose is to simply experience the present moment. It is like a diving mask we wear to project ourselves into a physical reality, notice I said into a physical reality? We are not in it, we are it.

The Higher Self is the guide; it is the shepherd that leads you to where you need to go. Sure, the physical mind can make decisions of its own that are relevant to what is happening right here and now, but it is not supposed to focus on how the next moments are going to unfold, we are supposed to let go and flow with the unknown so the Higher Self can manifest or guide us to where we need to go, and not where the conditioned physical mind thinks it needs to go. This is very important to understand. In many religious texts, you hear of the word, surrender, but what is there to surrender to other than your own Higher Self? The trick is however, when one surrenders to Krishna for example, what you are simply doing is identifying your own Higher Self as Krishna, and there is nothing wrong in doing so, as in essence he is your Higher Self as the consciousness of Krishna has merged and become the entire ocean.

“Absorb thy mind in Me; become my devotee; resign all things to Me; bow down to Me. Thou art dear to Me, so in truth do I promise thee: Thou shalt attain Me!” –The Bhagavad Gita 18:65

                “Absorb all of the resistance and fear of the physical mind in Me (Your Higher Self), become devoted to doing so. Allow me to take care of how things will manifest and honour me in yourself. It is only in a state of wholeness and balance does the God of Gods expresses himself through thee! If you do this in diligence, ye shall attain the effortlessness that all the great masters attained in their lives. Ye shall attain the art of living and realize omnipresence!”


Arjuna (The Physical mind) surrendering to Krishna (Higher Self). 

Masters are tools we use to trust ourselves more. This is another paradox on the spiritual path; it is a trick all the great ones have known, as they know they cannot direct you anywhere other than God who dwells deep within the core of your being. Devotion to a certain being is perfectly normal, and many still do this today. In India they are known as “Bhaktas.” The ISKCON movement is all about devotion to Krishna, and it is just one of the many themes that we can imprint on our own subjective reality. Just go with whatever feels natural and comfortable to you, but realize deeply that it is just a tool you are using into tricking your own physical mind into handing over the reins of control to the Higher Self.

When you do this, you become whole within yourself. When you fragment yourself and go against the guidance of your own Higher Self then you only create more pain and conflict than you need. The Higher Self is you, remember that. It is not something separate as it knows the difference between what you truly need and what you as an ego desire.

This is how God knows all your hearts true desires. To experience the state of let go or flow is to completely surrender to life and stop resisting the natural way it is unfolding. Allow everything to be as it is, because it is only when you are not in resistance are you capable of changing. So, if you feel it is necessary to mask your own Higher Self with a Jesus or Krishna mask, then go right ahead. There is nothing wrong in doing so, as in essence, Jesus and Krishna are both within you any way.

Again this doesn’t mean you aren’t working with the consciousness of Jesus or Krishna. You are, but just not in the way your physical mind thinks. You work with beings of this nature or level of consciousness that is synonymous to their state. Beings such as this are completely identified with the cosmic consciousness that is deep within the state of wholeness that is experienced when one completely surrenders. We, also exist on this level, we just haven’t surrendered the grip of our egos to allow ourselves to get there. If you trust in Christ, then do it. If you trust in Krishna then do it. If you trust in Mother Mary or Osho, then do it. It doesn’t matter who you turn to as they will all take you to the same place; your true self.

Thanks for reading.

Craig Krishna (Woods)


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