Surrender unto Yourself!

When people hear this word surrender they usually associate it with a lack of power and a lack of control over one’s life or reality, and although yes some things are beyond our control in our experience, you only gain any real sense of it when you actually do surrender.

What does it mean to surrender? It is actually very simple, surrender is when you begin to live your life without any resistance to what is. The conditioned physical mind has countless complexities and strategies that prevent it from surrendering; mainly due to the influence of the environmental forces on it as one is growing up. For example, have you noticed how much your mind is either thinking about what happened in the past, such as the pains and the traumatic experiences you had? Or maybe  it is in the future in some sort of dreamy imagined scenario although more often than not these imagined futures will be tainted by the very same trauma that you had experienced in the past. One’s mind becomes accustomed to seeing the present and the so called” future”, through the eyes of the past, this in turn distorts ones perception and prevents one from truly seeing what is going on.

One needs to remember that all circumstances are in fact neutral. With your free-will you are the who decides whatever meaning you prefer to label every moment with; it is important however to become aware of the fact that your mind will always try and automatically label situations in a fear based way first or again through the eyes of the past. Catch these automatic assumptions and go to zero, then input the definition or label you prefer as every circumstance that manifests in your reality has the potential to awaken more of your authentic and divine self.

The mind is always eager to try and figure out what is going to happen next, and how it will unfold also. It plays countless images in the imagination on autopilot and more often than not has you succumbing to the lures of false hopes and expectations. The one main problem in doing this however is the physical mind is not capable of knowing how things will happen. It can only perceive how things happened and how things are happening right now in the eternal present.

We have two minds. We have the physical mind or ego structure, and we have a higher mind. This higher mind has been called various things in many cultures and groups. In new age groups in particularly it is called the Higher Self. My Guru, Mahashakti Anandini Ma, labels it the Spiritual Mind. It doesn’t matter what label you assign it with really as it is you, as the Higher Mind is one half of your personal being. You have become two to have a physical experience, your Higher Self is the Spiritual you, guiding the physical you through life mainly via ones intuition, but sadly most people aren’t even aware that they have a Higher Self. They are told to believe their egos are in charge and are supposed to figure out how and why everything happens. This is not the job of the ego or physical mind however….

You can only live your life at one moment at a time and that is this moment here and now. With the knowledge that your ego or physical self really isn’t capable of knowing how things will happen, or why they will, you can allow your ego to simply relax and enjoy the moment it is in now. It can enjoy this moment because there is a Higher aspect of yourself doing all the other stuff that your ego for years has struggled in trying to accomplish. The Higher Self can see all the possible future realities in front of it, and knows what one will be the best for not only you, but it as well, as it is you!


Jesus Christ knew this relationship. He labelled the Higher Self as his “Father in heaven.” He labelled it such because just as the Father is the one who’s semen is needed to conceive of a new child, it is the Higher Self that conceives all ideas and possibilities for the physical mind. Jesus says in the Bible; “Be ye therefore perfect, even as you’re Father who in heaven is perfect.” This is actually a mistranslation however, in the original Greek scripture the word is whole and not perfect but any way the meaning is very similar. When one becomes whole within themselves they are in a perfect balance between the physical and the Higher Mind. They allow the Higher Mind to guide it without resistance because they trust in the timing and the natural and spontaneous way their life unfolds, as they know their Higher Mind will always guide them to where they need to go!

The Higher Self knows, the physical mind simply receives the guidance from the Higher mind, and flows with it, without the Higher Self the physical mind is literally blind. That is why Jesus Christ also said; “What my Father knows, I know not.”  That is because the physical mind like I said before is not designed to know how things will manifest. So, when you have a particular desire, as we all do and that is fine, you need to leave the how to God or your Higher Mind. Just abide in the state of being that is representative of the desire already being made manifest, in awe, wonder and appreciation and allow it to come to you the way that it needs to.

Another example of how the ancients knew the physical mind is indeed blind can be seen in the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. King Dhritarashtra is the king of the Hastinpura, which represents ones physical reality or kingdom. Allegorically he represents the physical mind. His brother Pandu represents the Higher Mind, and was the king of Hastinapura before Dhritarashtra was. Unfortunately however Pandu dies and Dhritarashtra becomes the king of the reality, or in other words the physical mind has seized complete control of the reality it finds itself in. Dhritrashatra is constantly worrying about the future in this story and always is affirming he will not let go of the crown. He wants to be in control of the kingdom, even though by right the son of Pandu, prince Yudhistira should be on the throne.


The Blind King Dhritarashtra 

This is very interesting, because like I mentioned earlier in this blog with the way the physical mind likes to keep a grip on the reality with its fearful assumptions and false expectations of the present and the future, it similarly won’t give up the throne and allow the Higher Self or prince of peace Yudhistira to take charge! Until you convince your ego or physical self that all it needs to do is relax and stop trying to predict everything then it will still be in resistance to the cosmic inevitability of the unknown that each of us are faced with in life. The physical mind literally becomes traumatized by its past, and feels as if it’s an isolated fragment in an alien universe! It is only through communion with its own Higher Self can it feel and experience the great interconnectedness each of us share with all of creation and one another!

This is what it means to surrender unto yourself. Once you actually do this, then things actually begin to accelerate for you. You will feel lighter, you will feel more joy and your desires will manifest much faster as you are no longer slowing things down by carrying old baggage that really didn’t belong to you in the first place! Simply put, leave all the complicated details to God, leave the how to him and enjoy the now.

Live in appreciation as time doesn’t really exist, it is an illusion you have inflicted upon yourself in order to have a physical reality experience. If time doesn’t exist then all your desires have already been met, so be appreciative in can literally take it for granted that everything you truly need will blossom naturally like the rose bush does every summer! Life will become effortless, like a rollercoaster of moment to moment awareness. You simply follow your bliss and leave the rest behind. Now this doesn’t mean there won’t be challenge or conflict in your reality, of course there will, but this isn’t a negative thing. We came here for challenge, we came here for conflict as life is a game and if it was an easy game then it would get pretty boring pretty quick. We came here to cry and feel pain for ourselves and our loved ones! This is all a valid aspect of the human experience, welcome the challenges life presents you with and you will already have conquered half of it.

The kingdom of heaven is your wholeness, allow the prince of peace to fill every atom of your being with his divine nectar. Watch your physical minds workings as every time you catch the blind king trying to guess and anticipate what’s coming or the how you will enforce the realization that it’s all an illusion within your brain and you will be more capable of relaxing and enjoying the present moment in a natural, effortless and spontaneous way! Surrender unto yourself!

-Craig Woods


One thought on “Surrender unto Yourself!

  1. Two years ago, after I had gone to see a parent who was in trouble, she gave me a one way ticket to the cold north where I have struggled to survive. I understand this happened because at some point I had made her into the higher power instead of having a relationship with the higher power. I guess I just gave her way too much power over me. I really struggle with esteem stuff related to rejection and also anger…all of which keeps me away from the higher self and the condition of love. Not sure how to process it except to realize, perhaps, what an unkind person she is but also how important it is to be one with the universe which means getting past the self/

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