Seek God First……



I see so many people in spiritual circles and law of attraction groups chasing their desires in a hope to manifest them in their reality. Now don’t get me wrong here as there is nothing wrong in doing so, we are here to enjoy our life and bring into manifestation that which we truly prefer to in our heart of hearts.

The issue however I would like to speak of is that many of these people seem unbalanced. Now this is not a judgement but a neutral observation that I have made over the last few months or so. There doesn’t seem to be an unconditionally loving foundation to many of these people’s spiritual perceptions. All I perceive is the selfish and desperate motivations that people are run by via the negative beliefs in their unconscious minds.

“He who has selfish motives cannot be a yogi.” –Lord Krishna

This is not an attack on anyone by any stretch of the imagination but many of you are being fooled. Most of your desires don’t even belong to you, as they are generated by the beliefs you have inherited from the minds of other people as you were growing up, and here is why. Your motivations in life are everything, you never feel motivated to go in a direction that you do not believe serves you in some way, shape or form, so from this general understanding we can say that your beliefs and motivations are intrinsically connected, at their core. Your desires are born from contact with the senses with material objects, for example you see a nice car then you desire it, you see a beautiful woman waiting at the bus stop you desire to take her to bed and so on, nothing wrong in doing so by the way, I am just using these as examples. The contact of your senses however with the external world only forms desires when there is beliefs in your unconscious that whisper in your ear that you need the things that you come into contact with, or your beliefs tell you it would be beneficial somehow to do so. So it’s fair to say that you only desire something that you believe you need.

If your motivations are born from other peoples and your previous experiences influences on your unconscious, then so are your desires, which means much of the desires you have belong to other people are not yourself. Again I am not invalidating this experience as it teaches us a lot, and is a huge part of being a human being. It is only when you get fed up of walking down the primrose path of false desires do you actually realize those which are your own.

Why do you truly desire what you do? Why do you truly do what you do? Your behaviour always reflects your current belief systems, positive and negative, so questioning yourself and the way you are living on a daily basis is a massive aspect of the process of self-discovery.

“To “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness” is to concentrate on the Eternal Life, the source of all lives, and to express the glory of that immortality in all interactions with the world.” –Paramahansa Yogananda

Jesus Christ says in the Bible; “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all else shall be added unto you.” What is the kingdom of God? Verily, the kingdom of God is your true self. It is the perfect pattern of you that Plato described; it is the best possible version of yourself that you can imagine. The true you, doesn’t invalidate anything that it doesn’t prefer, the true you doesn’t fear change or the unknown and the true you effortlessly floats in the present moment without any fear of where it is going. It accepts life as it is, takes action when it intuitively knows it needs to, and completely accepts its own strengths and weaknesses as a perfect part of its role in this game of life or cosmic drama we are all a part of.

Seek the true you! But how does one seek their true self? First of all we need to become aware of the components of the negative ego or conditioned self that contradict our true nature. It is important for us to transmute the darkness within us by letting go of all that baggage that weighs us down. The negative beliefs that limit our experience and devalue our self-worth, the beliefs about other people that convince us to create limited versions of them as we belittle and disempower them in our own eyes, and of course the beliefs and behaviour’s that keep us from moving forward in our lives, in an endless cycle of familiarity.

Stop assuming that you know who you are, you do not yet, and that is okay because the process is the point, and the journey is the destination. You are exactly where you need to be right now in the present, you are the perfect version that you need to be otherwise you would be something else! But you are not, so accept yourself here and now, and surrender to who you truly are. Paradoxically the only way you can discover who it is you are is by being okay with not knowing who you are, this is what the unknown is and you need to train yourself to float in it effortlessly with grace and without resistance.

“He who possesses God owns the universe.” –Paramahansa Yogananda

When you seek the Kingdom of God first, then everything that is truly relevant for the plan or path your consciousness has agreed to partake in this life will effortlessly just come unto you at perfect timing. You need not desire anything other than to have the unconditional love and support of God running through your veins, because once you do then you attain everything else your heart truly desires. The only thing you can possibly lose is that which never belonged to you in the first place.

“To acquire everything needful with the mind resting principally on God is the sure way to happiness. To go after inflated “necessities” in a state of God-forgetfulness will certainly lead to misery.” –Paramahansa Yogananda

Of course a balance is needed here, we have a physical body, we have a job and duties to do as human beings and these should be taken care of. We also have things we love to do, and these are no accident. Actions that reinforce your joy are your calling and whether it is a walk in the park, a game of golf, and swimming, meditating, cooking or writing then keep doing it, as it is the best form of meditation for you. Anything that keeps you fully present effortlessly is a meditative action and will eventually burn away the cobwebs of your past that have been colouring your perception for years the more you can get yourself into that state.

In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna speaks of the Yajna or sacred fire ceremony, but he wasn’t speaking of a literal fire ceremony. The true Yajna is acting on your highest excitement, and staying in the present moment because the more you get into that state you unloosen the old hard-wiring’s of the old personality structure in the neurological makeup in the brain. Thus, like I said before it burns away all that isn’t you and makes space for who you truly are. Jesus Christ was also talking about this when he said; “He who is born of the flesh is flesh, but he who is born of the fire is spirit.”

To have expectations on the actions you perform is to have false motivations, so drop them all and just allow life to work through you as the outcome of every action you perform is always what it needs to be and it’s better to be given what you need rather than what your negative ego may believe it wants.

“Imagination and faith are the secrets of creation.” –Neville Goddard

Your imagination and self-talk which is a reflection of what you believe to be true creates your reality; it is the word of God so to speak. There are two ways to keep the mind resting on God, you can either think of God all day, and feel his love and joy in your heart, usually people of a more devotional temperament prefer this way or you can learn to enter the state of stillness which again is communion with the pure consciousness that is the very fabric of existence. Either way is fine as long as you actually believe and feel your self-talk is true, if you don’t believe in it then it’s a waste of time. Belief or as Neville calls it Faith is everything.

“As you believe, so shall it be done unto you.” –Jesus Christ

You can relate to God any way you prefer to, if you want to use your imagination to speak to God then do so, as your Higher Mind and God are one in the same ultimately. There are No limitations at all in relation to the way you personally want to design or create your reality. If you want to see Krishna as God, then you can, if you want to see Mother Mary as the Goddess then go ahead, all different beings, Gods and Goddesses are just templates for you to overlap your perception with, and give your reality the flavour you prefer it to have.

“I AM the Lord thy God, ye shall have no false Gods before Me.” – The First Commandment

That’s because God is all Gods, you cannot possibly have any false Gods because God is everything, and because this universe is holographic in nature, every aspect of God contains the whole! So Jesus is Lord, and so is Krishna, so is Buddha and guess what so are You! You are a wave on the cosmic sea of infinity just as all these masters are, the only difference is they truly know it while you still haven’t shaken of the belief that you are not worthy, which is an illusion because if you wasn’t worthy…you wouldn’t exist! Period!

Drop the belief that life has to be a struggle, it does not. Drop the belief that you should be perfect right now, because you are already. Like I said earlier you are the perfect version of your infinite self that you need to be right now, so just allow yourself to trust in the process and allow God to show you whom and what you are as its your own Higher Mind that knows where all the breadcrumbs of your true self are hidden, follow its guidance and be ye therefore perfect even as your Father who in heaven is perfect.

-God Bless

-Craig Woods


2 thoughts on “Seek God First……

  1. HiCraig…this is an excellent article as always..tough but fair. I consider my self to be a person recovering from narcisstic tendencies so I have had to do a COMPLETE overhaul of me, my belefs and the person I am. The darkness is never out there…it is in here and it is the darkness that keeps us away from God so away from love. Yet God is love. The less we identify with this self, the closer we get to God…interesting isn’t it? thank you for this great articlr

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