Reality is a Cosmic Social Network


Social networking has really taken off over the last decade, especially thanks to websites such as Facebook and Twitter, and whilst these sites can be used for good or bad purposes, I believe they are playing a major part in the awakening of the collective consciousness here on earth. What’s funny about it however is that I see so many similarities with Facebook and the way our reality is structured, let us dive into this.

In the realm of spirit there really is no illusion of time and space like there is here in the physical realm. Everyone is completely aware of their oneness with one another, and all express that infinite and cosmic love as it is how God communicates expresses itself through us all on every level of reality.

If there is no space and time in the domain of spirit then it can be said that reincarnation is actually a misconception. We do not leave this realm, then come back like a few religions have taught us over the last few thousand years, we enter this realm in multiple points of space/time simultaneously. Every incarnation has its own individual soul, and there is a higher aspect of us experiencing all of these incarnations at the same time, we can call this the Oversoul.

Everything in creation exists at the same time, in the eternal present and the illusions of past and future are necessary in this reality as we are here to experience the idea of a process. You cannot have a process in a timeless state; only by inflicting the illusion of space/time upon ourselves can we have that process and discover ourselves from a complete unique point of view. So everything that has, is and ever will be created already has been, this may be difficult for you to wrap your head around right now but that’s okay. We can easily tap into the past, and attune ourselves to the various masters who lived in that past but I say unto you that the future is just as accessible, we just don’t believe it is. I know nothing is set in stone, how can we access the future if we have free will? I hear your mind say this now, but rest assured that when I say the future I am speaking of the billions of possible parallel futures, and not just one set future, because that by definition does not exist.

When I say spirit I am not talking about the astral realm, because in this realm there is still some degree of space/time, and although the souls inhabiting this realm may be more aware consciously of their connection to source than we are, they are still inflicting upon themselves some illusion for their own spiritual evolution.

Let’s talk about Facebook. Now in Facebook you have many friends on a friends list and most of these will most probably be your family and friends in real life, and of course the people who live abroad from you. In reality however, which is nothing but a cosmic Facebook, you already have everyone on your friends list, as they are all branches of the tree of your consciousness. You are the trunk and everyone else in your reality are extensions of that trunk as your own unique quantum bubble or reality is generated by your own energy, by your own consciousness, not some outside force. This is what God really is, it is the core of your being that projects everything into manifestation, and it is the creative power or the mustard seed that lays latent deep within your own heart.

If you already have everyone on your friends list, this means that everyone is an aspect of yourself, so to abuse others, to cheat others; to hurt others is really self-abuse. One should always be conscious of the choices they make in life and how those choices are going to affect not only those around them, but those who may be affected by that choice in the upcoming future.

Jesus Christ said that the two greatest commandments were to; Love, the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy strength and to love thy neighbour as thyself. To me however they are one and the same, you can’t love God which is all that is, without loving other people, and you can’t love other people if you don’t love yourself, who again is an aspect of God.

So, you have access to every being that will ever exist; now it’s up to you to “inbox” those beings that you prefer to. You can attune yourself to any spiritual master that ever lived, and will ever live (from the point of view of linear, space/time). You can also attune yourself and contact relatives who are no longer in this realm from your point of view. You can pretty much access anyone from Ghandi, Joan of Arc, Yogananda, Mother Mary, Your great aunt Nora, your uncle Billy or whoever it doesn’t matter who. You can inbox them and receive messages from them anytime you so desire, you just have to believe and know you can.

Many of your inbox messages come unto you during what you typically call your dreams. In dreams you contact the “dead” on a regular basis and have many lucid and astral experiences. Many of these experiences are messages to prod you in the direction of your preference once you wake up again to confront life on earth.

Many of the beings that we refer to as Aliens or Extra Terrestrials are already doing this. They come “back” in time to help other aspects of their own Oversoul evolve quicker. If you have had an ET experiences then you can pretty much guarantee that they are most probably different versions of you either from the “past or the future.” You can access these beings also, just ask them to come and show themselves to you. Many of us have already met a host of our ET selves but they wipe our memories as it would affect our lives here on earth too much. Many of these memories also come back to us in lucid dreaming and vivid astral experiences.

There are cosmic moderators or forces in creation also, just like on Facebook. These are known as the Angels. You can attune yourself to these great divine cosmic forces for help, for guidance or inspiration anytime you desire to, again you just need to believe and know that it is possible.

You are constantly being inboxed via your thoughts and feelings. These are your friends and family, spirit guides and many other beings you are connected to on a host of different levels of creation. Your inbox is your Mind, and you need to also pay attention to your intuition as you have many messages there, let us call this one’s other folder (but thank god we don’t get creepy messages there like we do in life).

So never feel alone in life, you are pretty much connected to everyone! Love and support is always there from God, and many other aspects of him, such as the Angels, the saints, the masters and your family and friends! You are worthy of your existence and are an integral profile on this cosmic Facebook reality simulation we call life. Be proud of your profile picture or physical body, as it’s the one you chose on a higher level of reality. Love and fully accept yourself as you are, because if you do not, nobody else will either, as everyone in your life always reflects back to you the degree of love you have for yourself.

Thank for you reading.

-Craig Woods


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