The Scorpio 29 Degree Survival Kit

saturn-scorpio-2-380x235This is a much anticipated and challenging time, as Saturn is about leave the constellation of Scorpio for 29 years. Saturn always likes to go out with a bang and in the powerful sign of the Scorpion it’s probably the biggest bang there could be. I am a Scorpio myself and I know the last few years have been rather challenging for us. But anyone with a few planets in Scorpio probably felt the effects in major ways. Now Saturn is about to enter the sign of Sagittarius, or the celestial Higher Mind, and in doing so we will be challenged in more subtle ways than we were in Scorpio.

Scorpio challenges our desires of the flesh, and the conditioning we have been inflicted with from our upbringings. Scorpio is the battleground and the graveyard of the false ego. It’s time to burn away all the debris in our minds from our past and be reborn anew as the phoenix, in reaching these celestial heights we will be more able to commune directly with our own higher mind, and that’s exactly what Saturn will be demanding from us during his visitation into Sagittarius.

Many people will be revealed the darkness within their minds that they were once unconscious of during the last 2 weeks Saturn is in Scorpio. The energy is at its peak now so there is no better time for us to let go of that which never belonged to us in the first place.

Here are a few tips that can help you deal with the challenges the next couple’s weeks are going to bring, and help you transform the darkness hidden within you, into the celestial light of the unconditional love of God.

Exercise – Get those endorphins flowing in your brain, do things that you enjoy doing. If you enjoy sports, make an extra effort to get out more into the sun and transmute some of the energy that’s locked up in your body waiting to be released. This will release a lot of stress and will enable you to deal with whatever comes more easily.

Expect challenges but also expect blessings – There is always a storm before a rainbow and just because one aspect of your life comes crashing down doesn’t mean it’s the end. Everything in the material realm is transitory in Nature anyway, so why not just flow with the changes this transit is going to bring and dive into the unknown with courage? You will only discover more of yourself in the unknown, as you have only discovered a fraction of who you truly are in the known.

Redefine the entire thing – Look at the whole thing in a different light. The challenges are there to transform you; they are there to awaken more of yourself. Saturn has a bad reputation among many astrologers but what I have learned is that if you make Saturn your enemy then he will be your greatest, if you make him your friend however, he will be your best. Saturn is the planet that liberates you from your past, so welcome what’s going on and keep a positive attitude because when it’s all said and down you will look back and thank our 7 ringed friend!

Stay appreciative – Keep yourself in a state of appreciation for everything around you. We as people take the simple things in life for granted a lot so notice what you have already, and stop focusing on what your mind thinks it wants. Because in truth most the things you believe you want, are not what you truly want. Get out your own way and allow the universe to show you what you truly desire, from a soul level.

Create – One of the best ways one can transform the energies latent within them is to create things. Write, Paint, Sing, Dance do anything that gets your creative juices flowing. This will anchor you in the present and enable you to discover who you truly are, and not who your mind is convinced you are based on the belief systems you inherited from the minds of other people in your society.

Define everything as positive in your chart – Even the squares and oppositions by transit and natal. Nothing is inherently negative in life until we define it as such, so why not label it all positive? Challenges are not bad or negative, without challenge there would be no growth, expansion or remembrance of whom and what we truly are at our core. Define the challenges that come up as exciting as they are opportunities to become even more free of fear which will enable you to drink from the divine fountain of love that exists within all of us.

Love yourself, Connect to your source – Go within yourself for the answers; don’t look to the sky so much. The external world and even the planets are simply a reflection of what’s happening within your own consciousness. As above, then so below. Whatever is within shall be without. The universe is a mirror of our inner being. Indeed one can say that the planets don’t even affect us, they reflect us. They reflect what’s happening within our greater self, so just allow it all to be and flow with the river of life.

Spend some time alone, reflect and contemplate – Question yourself, question your beliefs and how you have been living your life upto this moment. Change doesn’t have to be scary. Define change as an exciting thing, because if the way you are going about this keeps bringing the same painful lessons to you why would you want perpetuate it? Relax and be at peace, solitude is golden. Do some meditation, go beyond that negative ego that chatters all day and commune with your soul.

-Craig Woods


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