Esoteric Interpretation of Christ’s passion

The passion of the Christ is known as the heroic death of Jesus Christ and it is divided into five stages. The cosmic drama of physical reality is full of symbolism and whether you believe Jesus lived or not is irrelevant to the truth contained in the gospel as it has even more of an inner significance than an outer one. I am going to explain how Jesus the body, or the ego becomes Christ, the prophet or Son of God consciousness and how this is mirrored in all of our spiritual quest for union with God; let us dive into this…

Christs agony

Christ’s Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane 

Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemane with his disciples and he wanders off into a corner to pray to God on his own. He loses his faith here a little as he can foresee what is about to happen, he knows Judas has already sold him out and that the Romans are looking for him. He looks up to the heavens on his knees and asks his Father “Father, why have thou forsaken me?” He then realizing that he is out of alignment with his true self, centres himself and stands on serpent that came near him while he was praying. He then goes out  into the centre of the garden where the Romans arrest him and tie him up and take him to the court to be judged by the Pharisees. 

Jesus the body here represents the newly born individual in which the veil of separation is placed over him. The ego is now crystallized and the soul or self’s connection to God can hardly be felt. The soul aches as it knows it has to go through immense trials in order to reignite its conscious awareness of union with its source, which is the Lord himself. Jesus stands on a serpent that represents the force of limitation or Satan. The soul is aware that this force will do all it can to suppress its true nature but has no choice now but to dive into the dualistic realm of Maya or illusion.

The soul accepts that is is now bound by natures pair of opposites, it is trapped in the dualistic realm of physical reality. He then goes into the centre of the garden and gets arrested by the Romans, who represent society itself. The world of Caesar is the material realm, and the Romans represent the people who are in your society. Jesus is arrested by the Romans and the conditioning of the physical mind begins….


The Scorching at the pillar

Here after being judged by the Romans he has been sent to be whipped and ridiculed publicly for claiming he is the Son of God, or in other words that he is worthy. The materialistic world of Maya will do all it can to prove him wrong, in order to make him feel unworthy and separate from the Lord. Here Jesus’ Mother Mary is watching as the Romans violently whip him over 40 times! He at the end cant even stand there is blood everywhere and the separation from God has become even more reinforced. 

Mary is helpless just like every mother in this world. Yes, if the mother treats their child right that is very beneficial for the he or she but there are others who will condition the young ego in the wrong way. Science has proved that from the age of 0-6 especially that the brain is in a super receptive state, it is known as the Theta wave state. It is basically a state of heightened sensitivity and is a recording device to the immediate environment, this helps a person become accustomed to the society they were born into and this isn’t a bad thing in of itself. Sadly though most people are being whipped by their parents, their friends, siblings and school teachers and becoming conditioned in a negative or limited way.

Everybody you know has had a fair share in conditioning your mind and this forces you to lose touch with the Christ within yourself. This is what Satan is, it is the universal force of limitation and delusion that makes one feel as if their incomplete and separate from God when they never are. This force becomes reinforced through the members of society who are all conditioning and brainwashing one another. Christ is whipped violently and the illusion of limitation and negative beliefs that eclipse the souls innate divinity becomes immensely reinforced.



The Crown of Thorns

After being whipped the Roman solders thought it would be a good idea to make Jesus a crown of thorns and put it on his head, making his skull bleed. They would then mock him and call him the king of the Jews, bowing to him and spitting at him. 

At this stage the person has become so conditioned by the Romans or society that their minds torture them on a daily basis. Sound familiar? How many people live with a tormentor in their minds? Full of expectations and false assumptions which in turn are based on ones traumatic past experiences. Here the seeker realizes however that he is wearing a crown of thorns, as he sees that it is his conditioned mind that is causing all the pain in his life. Indeed, the crown of thorns is your conditioned physical mind that does nothing but mislead you from your true self.

It misleads you as it is full of ideas that contradict your souls nature. You have gobbled up beliefs, pre-conceptions, habits and self-definitions from the minds of everyone you know in your society and are defining yourself through their eyes. You have completely lost touch with the true self that exists in the present moment. So, you wear this crown of thorns that convinces you to chase this mundane pleasure and that mundane pleasure with the expectation that they will give you the permanent fulfilment you crave, when they never can,

You can never find permanent joy in impermanent things. It is a trick by the satanic force of delusion that convinces you to chase joy outside of yourself!  Jesus himself says the Kingdom of Heaven is within you, and he means that it is only within yourself, by making contact with your soul and God do you become whole or a holy person. Rid this false crown off your head! It is not yours, it is the crown of the society that has conquered your mind, throw it off you and discover who you truly are through your own eyes!


Jesus Carries the Cross.

Jesus is forced to carry his own cross and half way there the Romans ask a man to help him carry it as he is too beaten up to carry it alone. 

Here, the devotee has began the awakening process as he is carrying his own burden while wearing the crown of society upon his head. He has to carry the burden of all the mistakes he has made and he realizes that he has been deluded this whole time. Everything that he believed he was, everything he chased and everything that he told he was by other people was a lie.

He has to then control himself and discipline himself by his own rules and nobody else’s. He has to transform or let go of the negative habits that reinforce the conditioned personality. It is here one suffers the most as any failure one makes only reinforces the crown of thorns on ones head. One must not judge themselves for failing as it is through failures do we acquire the will to change truly. If the failures serve you and make you become more determined to become more of who you truly are then they are not failures but stepping stones.

In carrying the cross Jesus falls, but he is then supported by the universe as is everyone on their spiritual path. God supports the seeker who thinks of and prays to him. You never carry the cross alone as God is always there with you so have faith and trust in the natural flow and the timing of your life as everything always happens at the perfect timing.

God will come to your aid through other people also. When you start to awaken you begin to attract those souls who are also awakening. We meet some of our closest soul mates as we are carrying our own cross towards liberation. Our friends carry it with us as when we are most down with our struggles it is our friends and God within them that inspire us to get back up a lot of the time.

There are no accidents and the synchronicity will always provide you with help and support in life no matter how difficult your challenges may be. It is only difficult because of the unconscious definition you have of it. Define challenges as something positive and beneficial and you will receive an even greater effect from them! We must look at everything positively to accelerate our spiritual development and even the tedious efforts of carrying the cross can be seen as exciting if you shift your perception correctly!


Jesus dies on the cross 

Jesus is crucified with two other thieves on the cross. Looking up to the heavens, he tells his Father to forgive them for they know not what they do! With his last breathe, he utters “Father, up unto you, I commend my Spirit.” He then dies on the cross to the astonishment of all watching.

The two thieves crucified with Jesus here are symbolic of duality or the illusion of space and time. They represent natures pairs of opposites, because when Christ dies on the cross and fully surrenders they all die together. The conditioned ego dissolves and with it goes the illusion of time and space. Surrendering to God is the only way to become ones true self and express the Christ consciousness that lies latent deep within ones heart. Christ is in the present moment and the conditioned physical mind operates only in time, in the false expectations and assumptions of the past and future.

Jesus asked his Father or Higher Mind to forgive them for they know not what they do! This is Christ saying one must forgive all who conditioned him in the past as it is those people who provided the soul with the challenge that is asked for in the first place!

It is all self imposed;  we choose our society, our parents, our friends and everything else we experience on a higher level of reality. Incarnations are carefully planned out, and nothing is an accident. Forgiveness of those who conditioned and hurt you is essential as they gave you exactly what you wanted in this life. Without challenge what would be the point in coming to earth? If we wanted heaven and bliss we would of stayed in the higher realms. In fact we never left the higher realms as we are in heaven right now, we are simply dreaming we are not. Life itself is a dream of the soul and we have come here to discover our true self amidst the flames of duality.

Jesus dies on the cross, and is resurrected 3 days later as the Christ. The son of man or son of society has become the son of God. He has gone beyond duality and wears no crown of society on his head. He is illumed from within himself as its his connection to his source in God that defines him and not the opinions of other people in his society.


Christ consciousness is your true self and we become our true self when we dissolve the conditioned physical mind that pretends to be us. We must rid ourselves of that crown of thorns that makes us bleed for the mundane desires of the world in a desperate attempt to fill a void that was never there in the first place! There is nothing inherently wrong with desire, I mean the soul itself has its own desires, but when I talk of mundane desires I am talking about desires you have picked up from other peoples minds and not your own. One needs to have the discernment to truly tell where the desires are coming from.

One must question everything, Question your beliefs, question your society, your parents, your friends. Rediscover your own innate divinity and become the child of God you were destined to become! Introspection is important and periods of solitude are essential to rooting out the darkness that lays dormant deep within your unconscious mind.

You can only become whole in awakening your awareness of your connection to the whole. Your heart is a piece of the grand jigsaw puzzle that is the Lord. You are valid and worthy and always were, so its important that you begin to value yourself through your connection to God and not through the eyes of others. You will then begin to experience the Magick of the Lord that was there all along, ye just never saw it as your society blindfolded you since you were a baby.

Jesus is known as the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world because its only through surrendering to the Christ consciousness do you remove the conditioned mind thatcontains the sins of the world within it from your consciousness. No longer allow the external world to define you, define it and your own centre through your own connection to your source. Life without God is a nightmare, and with him, it all becomes a play, and a wonderful cosmic drama!

“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father who in heaven is perfect.”

Thank you for reading. God Bless you.

-Craig Woods


2 thoughts on “Esoteric Interpretation of Christ’s passion

  1. Becoming like Christ or achieving Christ consciousness, so total connection to God, means we have to overcome all those smaller parts of ourselves that keep us earthbound…those are the parts that are not love. God is love…only those who have, as Christ said, overcome this word (by overcoming this self) can have an awareness of God which is pure and perfect love. This self, then, becomes no more.

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