Magick: Are you a Wizard or a Victim of your own creation?


Many believe that magick exists only in fairy tales. Yet ironically many of the fairy tales we tell our children at night, are based on the natural laws of existence. Reality is a fairy tail, but only if you truly believe it is. Your imagination is where the magick happens, as its through your imaginative creative power do you attract everything you experience in your life. The only real question is are you creating consciously or unconsciously?

You are always creating, the problem is you are probably not conscious of most of it. Existence is structured with certain laws that none can escape or avoid, these five laws of creation are;

1, You exist (I AM) and always will

2. The one is the all and the all are the one

3. Everything exists here and now

4. What you put out is what you get back

5. Change is the only constant

Every great spiritual master, wizard or magician follows all these principles, lets explore them more deeply now;

1. You exist and you always will. Your consciousness is eternal and although you may change form from time to time, if everything exists at the same time then you must by definition be eternal, on some level.

2. The one is the all and the all are the one. This has two meanings,; objectively, God, creation or the collective consciousness has spawned us all into existence, we are all fabrications of that one ocean of consciousness. On a subjective level, you have your own reality bubble, your own universe and everyone in that universe are fabrications of your own individualized spirit or soul. The universe is holographic in nature, which means that every drop in the ocean contains the entire ocean. So, everyone in your reality is you, this brings us to the saying by Jesus in the Bible, when he said “Love your neighbour as thyself.” because your neighbour is yourself; love is the greatest truth.

3. Everything exists here and now. Past and future are illusions but necessary ones in order for us to have a physical experience. You can attune yourself to any spiritual master or inspirational person from the past if you want because they still exist here and now. Although the forms may come and go in the transitory nature of physical reality, the soul lives forever in the ocean of timelessness.

All manifestations you desire, already exist. If you can imagine something then you are literally tuning yourself to a parallel reality in which that event or manifestation has taken place. So be careful what you wish for and stop worrying, worry is a misuse of the imagination, become more conscious of what’s going on in your mind and focus only on that which is truly in your preference.

4. What you put out is what you get back. Whatever beliefs, ideas, attitudes, actions or perspectives you have in your physical mind is what is reflected back at you in your external world. Your belief systems are everything in physical reality. The problem is many peoples beliefs are unconscious, which means they don’t realize they are buying into them. Questioning your belief systems is a huge step in becoming a conscious creator of your reality and not a victim to your environment. Rooting out the unconscious belief systems can be done, with a few simple questions. Whenever you are feeling out of whack and have negative emotions in your body, then stop yourself and go into the feeling, ask yourself “What would I have to believe is true about myself in relation to the situation in order to generate this feeling I am experiencing?” Do not be afraid to see the answer, because by identifying the unconscious in you, you are now capable of changing the definition. One must bring it into conscious awareness however as you cannot change or let go of something you are not aware you are holding onto.  When you decide you want to change the definition, choose your preference and when you do you must buy into your preference at such a level that your feelings shift with it.

Your feelings and belief systems are synonymous, you cannot have one without the other. Feelings are beliefs in the body, and they are what create your reality experience. If you habitually feel anxious you will attract more reasons to be anxious, if you feel gratitude and appreciative habitually then you will attract more reasons to be grateful. What you put out is what you get back, it really is so simple and this is the powerful law of the prophets of the old and new testament in the bible and other holy texts.

5. Change is the only constant. Your form will always change, the physical reality is always and eternally transitory, nothing lasts forever. That includes relationships, physical pleasures and everything else. This is why its not a good idea to chase permanent joy in the external world because of its transitory nature. Don’t live your life chasing things with the expectation they can make you whole and complete, they cannot. You must become whole within yourself and from that state of integration you can then enjoy the world without the attachment to mundane things. Attachment arises when there is a fear of loss, but when you truly become whole you see the bigger picture in everything and fear nothing. This is because nothing the external world can offer you can add or take anything away from your wholeness of being. You have overcome the world, within yourself and have attained freedom.

The bible is full of magic and allegory and real meaning of Christ as the lamb of God taking away the sins of the world is what I just explained. Christ consciousness, which is the by-product one of becoming whole, vulnerable and flowing with the river of life, takes away the sins of the external world on your consciousness, because you no longer define yourself through it. You have become invincible and your bliss cannot be affected by anything the world throws at you. This doesn’t mean there wont be challenges, but instead of resisting them, you run at them with excitement as you know you will never stop growing and you always be pushed to your limit.

So why are people being a victim to their own creation? They don’t even realize it, many peoples awareness is so low that they don’t even see what’s really going on inside of them. Growing up they have become conditioned by their parents, their sibling, friends, teachers in such a way that their belief systems aren’t even their own. They are seeing the world out of the eyes of other people and not their own, then blaming God and life for the misery they experience. With a bit of awareness however one can become a wizard in their reality. The first step is to identify the unconscious beliefs you have gobbled up from the minds of others. Change those beliefs and reawaken the magick that lies within the core of your being.

Do people want to take responsibility though? Most people are unconsciously in denial of the power they have and don’t care to take responsibility for the beliefs they hold to be true. They project that denial onto everyone else and blame others for their misery when in fact everyone in their reality is only a mirror of themselves. You cannot escape yourself, not matter how hard you try to take responsibility for your own creation and rediscover the innate magickal power within you.

Try this one experiment, become conscious of the thoughts you are having on a daily basis and watch out for signs relative to those thoughts in the external world. You will see that most of the things that you become aware of has roots within your own mind. This is proof of the 4th law as your thoughts create whatever you see in your reality. Once you test this and become conscious of the fact set the intention to create that whatever you desire.

How to manifest anything you desire in your physical reality

Manifesting consciously is a skill, it is an art and when you get it down you will see how much power and free will God has really given you.

Keep in mind that whatever you desire must be alignment with your joy and souls purpose. You must get yourself in a meditative state, and imagine the situation you prefer to manifest. Visualization can help but what’s even more important is the state of being you would feel as if your manifestation has already taken place, because it has. Everything exists here and now remember? Its simply shifting to the reality that coincides with the desire of your preference. Get into the state of being and anchor yourself in it as much as you can. Do this for around ten minutes time then (now this is the most important part) LET IT GO COMPLETELY.

Forget all about it, and allow reality to reflect that which you desire, and ye shall reap the fruits of that which you have sown, I guarantee it. Keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility and foundation of your spirituality should be love, compassion and appreciation for all beings. Hurting others is only hurting yourself (2nd law) so if you misuse this power then you will only create your own down fall. If your foundation is not built upon the rock of unconditional love for all it will be swept away by the forces of darkness and limitation.

Peace be unto you



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